Membership Service

Top Products can Attract more

Coowor VIP members have priority rankings of their products and have personalized display of their stores which show the advantages and strength of their enterprises in an all-round way. By enhancing enterprise exposure rate and click rate, Coowor helps them obtain more business opportunities.

Paticipating in Global exhibitions, Coowor can directly Introduce professional buyers

Coowor participates in 40+ HVACR industry exhibitions in the world, introducing the appropriate suppliers to exhibitors so as to bring more direct effects to the suppliers; Coowor VIP members can enjoy more discounts when they book international HVACR exhibition booths.

Distributing magazines on the exhibition site, offline activities driving online operations

Each year, Coowor will distribute 150,000 copies of " HVACR suppliers "on the exhibition site, covering 30+HVACR exhibitions and covering exhibitors from nearly 200 countries.

Online platform promotion can enhance suppliers' exposure rate

Coowor can provide VIP members with advertisements promotion on Google, Facebook and other online platforms covering members' stores and products which directly increase member companies' online exposure.

Providing VIP Members with “ Soft Articles" to create corporate brand

The professional editorial team of Coowor prepares new product reports, corporate year-end summary, latest development plans, and exhibiting reports for the VIP members in order to shape corporate culture and strengthen the image of corporate brands.

Buyer Resources of Coowor

30,000+ HVACR industry professional buyers
In 200 countries and regions around the world