[Interview with Exhibitors of RACC2020] Foshan Liurong Refrigeration expands the booth area from 48 SQM to 84 SQM!

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Foshan Liurong expands its booth area by 48?84

The first China International Air-Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Expo (RACC) ended successfully on November 15-17 at Hangzhou International Expo Center. As the largest industry event and gathering place for business opportunities in East China in 2020, RACC is undoubtedly the exhibitor to boost sales and prove itself An effective stage of strength is also the best choice for HVAC companies to lay the foundation for marketing in 2021.

At the crowded exhibition site, business opportunities are endless. More than 170 companies have given positive feedback to the organizing committee and booked their booths for next year. Most of the companies that have confirmed exhibiting have expanded their booth area. Zhang Zhide, general manager of Foshan Liurong Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., contacted the organizer early to select the booth for next year, and expanded from 48 square meters this year to 84 square meters, doubling the exhibition area. During the interview, Mr. Zhang told the staff of the organizing committee that they received many high-quality buyers on the first day of the exhibition. This was not only a recognition of their new products, it gave them strong confidence in opening up the market next year, but also gained substancal gains.

Zhang Zhide, General Manager of Foshan Liurong Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.

The following is the interview content

RACC Organizing Committee: Hello everyone, here is the exhibition site of RACC 2020. My current location is in front of the booth of Foshan Liurong Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. We are honored to invite General Manager Zhang Zhide to accept us Interview. Hello, Mr. Zhang! I’m Celine from the RACC exhibition organizing committee. I’m taking a few minutes to interview you with some questions.

Mr. Zhang: Okay, no problem.

RACC Organizing Committee: Please give you a brief introduction to the company's development history and main products.

Mr. Zhang: We are Foshan Liurong Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of refrigeration equipment. The company was founded in 1995, and its predecessor was Guangzhou Donglian Refrigeration Equipment Operation Department. In 2012, Guangzhou Ronghai Company was established, which is a well-known integrated wholesale and trade company at home and abroad. Our company always adheres to the concept of continuous innovation, develops more energy-saving and efficient refrigeration products to better meet customer requirements, changes refrigeration with technology, and contributes to the Chinese refrigeration industry with stable and reliable quality and dedicated service. Our company's products are mainly seafood breeding constant temperature unit, cold storage integrated unit, fully enclosed, semi-closed unit and milk tank constant temperature unit. We also accept individualized batch customization machines.

RACC Organizing Committee: What new products have you brought to this exhibition, can you tell us about it?

Mr. Zhang: What we brought this time is an intelligent seafood thermostat and an intelligent cold storage integrated machine. All adopt intelligent operating systems and energy-efficient electronic expansion valves. We insist on investing in product research and development to make differentiated products.

RACC Organizing Committee: Do you think your company's products have any advantages compared with other peers?

Mr. Zhang: Product advantages are mainly reflected in energy saving and high efficiency. Compared with peers, energy efficiency is about 15% to 20% higher, which will save electricity.

RACC Organizing Committee: Affected by the epidemic this year, the overall economic environment is not optimistic. Does this have a big impact on your company?

Mr. Zhang: The impact is okay. The market acceptance of this new product launched by our company is still very high. Sales did not decline, but increased.

RACC Organizing Committee: Are you satisfied with the effect of this exhibition? Are there any plans to continue exhibiting next year?

Mr. Zhang: This year's situation is quite special. As the first exhibition, your exhibition can have such a large flow of people. The exhibition is very successful. In addition, we have many interested customers to inquire about the products on the spot, and the quality of the audience is quite high. So we have already booked the location for next year and doubled the area. This year is 48 square meters. Next year I think it is a good time for development. We need to make a larger and more beautiful special decoration for brand promotion. We chose 84 square meters. .

RACC Organizing Committee: Thank you for your trust and support to our exhibition! Your satisfaction is our greatest return! Thank you!

Mr. Zhang: Yes, I believe that as soon as foreign markets are opened next year, the effect of the exhibition will increase several times. Everyone also recognizes your service very much. I wish you a better and better exhibition!

Attachment: Liurong new product information

Liurong Intelligent Seafood Thermostat

Product features: Liurong continues to explore temperature control technology. The new intelligent seafood thermostat series products are equipped with intelligent operating systems, with constant temperature control & remote monitoring functions, which are better than human operation. The throttling element adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving electronic expansion valve, and the water temperature is more constant, keeping aquatic products fresh and improving the survival rate.

Liurong intelligent cold storage integrated machine

Product features: Liurong combines the complex control system into the intelligent cold storage all-in-one machine. You can view the operating status of the system through a mobile phone and execute operation commands remotely. The throttling element uses an electronic expansion valve, and the refrigeration is efficient and stable, and it can be used normally under various working environments and loads.

In 2020, China has proposed a new development pattern of "domestic and foreign dual cycles" in the context of the global epidemic. RACC2021 will continue to assist Chinese companies in establishing internal and external "dual cycle" growth engines and inject their genes into the preparation process of this international industry event. Our goal is to create a world-wide HVAC industry exhibition in Hangzhou, to create a stage for Chinese companies to display high-quality products, and to provide foreign companies with an opportunity to enter the Chinese market. RACC belongs to Hangzhou, China, and the future also belongs to the world. We look forward to more people joining RACC, an international exhibition focusing on industry hot spots, and creating a world-class feast with us.


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